Welcome to Nabubu Spaceport City!
Nabubu Spaceport City was created back in March 2001. We are striving to become the largest, most organized player run city in the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies game! We know this game is still months away, but welcome anyone with the drive to succeed! Just click on 'Join us' to begin your citizenship process!
5th November 2013: Haha

Talk about retro right? I had to find something to fill the space when I took the forums down. :)

Obviously the links are mostly broken. . .


7th March 2003: NI Chat update

Thanks to all the people who attended the Nabubu Industries chat meeting!

A news report about the meeting can be found here:


23rd February 2003: City Chat Update


Reports from Nabubu headquearters today were good....
The City Chat was attended by 47 citizens as the Mayor spoke
on a number of topics from his DJ seat at Nabubu City Radio...
Dark Machine was instrumental with his charity work
to inform the deaf citizens of Nabubu, thanks DM...

Nabubu City Radio was also simulcast thanks in part
to the people at Hyperdrive Radio, to listen to the Q3PO interview!

-Mayor Blastum
14th February 2003: Nabubu Opens a Radio Station!


That's right Nabubu has DJ's playing music online, they have the power!
Through Feruary and March they will be doing alot of practice DJing,
so please support the DJ staff and help them bring Nabubu a great format!

-Mayor Blastum
10th February 2003: www.wanderhome.net

Our friends and allies on wanderhome were nice enough to provide some new forums for us to clutter up and a great place to meet and chat with other residents of the wanderhome community. If you're a Nabubu Citizen, please drop by www.wanderhome.net and register your name on their forums. Visitors are also encouraged to drop by and say hi!

Also, the Mayor and others are working hard to get a radio broadcast set up in cooperation with the people at wanderhome.net, so look forward to progress reports on that sometime in the near future.

Finally, there will be a chat meeting for any members of the Nabubu Industries Inner PA on March 2nd 2003, @ 1PM EST. Visitors and potential recruits are welcome to attend, but only confirmed members will be able to contribute to the meeting since the room will be moderated. The chat room will be on the gamesnet IRC server, and we will congregate in the #nabubu room until a private chat area is set up.

For more info on NI, please check out the website at:
or e-mail me at TKarrade@msn.com.

Further updates on the chat may be found at this thread: