Welcome to Nabubu Spaceport City!
Nabubu Spaceport City was created back in March 2001. We are striving to become the largest, most organized player run city in the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies game! We know this game is still months away, but welcome anyone with the drive to succeed! Just click on 'Join us' to begin your citizenship process!
Career Roles
This is only an approximate list of the possible careers in Nabubu - nothing's solid until a formal professions list is released by the SWG team. Note that anyone with skills in a particular profession can make a secondary career out of teaching other characters how to do it!
Politicians, Ambassadors and Diplomats
Knowledge of SWG universe (and probably RL global!) politics is a must for this career path. Being a city politician is sometimes a thankless job, as everyone wants everything done yesterday, but we will give a fair chance to anyone to wants to help lead us and protect all our interests as we grow. If you prefer to go out and meet other SWG groups, be one of our representatives to other organisations within the galaxy, gaining us footholds in new areas and negotiating alliances.
Military and City Police
Our military organisation, the Nabubu Defense Force, also takes care of the policing duties in Nabubu. Join our Army in chasing down criminals on the streets, our Navy in keeping the skies clear of pirates, or maybe our Intelligence service in undercover work! The idea as a neutral trading city is not to end up in wars with other organisations, but in that event the NDF is also responsible for protecting Nabubu.
Bounty Hunting
Some individuals that have committed crimes against our city are going to be beyond the reach of our police force, and that's where bounty hunters come in. Combat and weapons skills are a must, and having piloting skills and your own ship will help in most cases.
Doctors and Medics
From serious battle injuries to having your finger bitten by your pet pittin - we need healers to patch our citizens up again!
Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics
This covers a whole host of necessary professions - droid building and repair, ship building and repair, weapons, armour and vehicle development and building construction. Anyone with skills in these professions is very welcome to set up shop in Nabubu!
Scouts and Explorers
The city will expand as the game goes on, and possibly set up satellite facilities for resource gatherers, so we need to know where to go! Scouts and explorer will be the first Nabubu citizens to see the new and interesting terrain of the SWG universe, either with a view to city expansion, resource collecting or maybe just to say that you saw it first...
Resource Gathering
All our droid builders, weapons manufacturers and builders are going to need raw resources, so if a career as a miner or a quarry supervisor is what you want, then there are plenty of opportunities in Nabubu, whether freelance or as an employee of our own Nabubu Industries!
Merchants and Shop Owners
This covers the myriad supplies that citizens of Nabubu will need, from weaponsmiths and armourers to pets and hairdressing. Any size of business from an outlet for a galaxy-wide corporation to the newsagent on the corner is welcome!
We can almost guarantee steady business from our cantina operators!
Food Production and Processing
Even SWG characters have to eat! Become a farmer and grow the raw materials, or perhaps a baker, butcher or other food vendor.
Cantina Operators
A necessity for any self-respecting SWG city! Cater to the important ambassadors and officials, run a nice family-friendly place - or maybe start a slightly more seedy establishment to make the city underworld feel at home!
Dancers and Entertainers
Everyone needs something to do with their time off - so why not become a dancer or run a casino to entertain other citizens?
Service Shipping and Freight Hauling
As a trading city, Nabubu will have a lot of goods that need shipping all over the galaxy. Join the Nabubu Shipping Service as a cargo hauler, or perhaps go freelance and hire your skills and your ship out to citizens who need either their goods or themselves transported elsewhere. We would say that you should only transport legitimate goods, but it's a rough galaxy out there...
It may be necessary for goods to be moved 'confidentially' from place to place, avoiding such minor inconveniences as inspections or taxes. Good piloting or driving skills are a must, and an innocent expression may well be a big help.
Animal Training
Train larger animals to carry people or equipment, or perhaps if you want a more daring role become a rancor tamer for the Mecetti Arena!